BARF, how does it work?

Weekly menu BARF

Do you find it difficult to put together a good menu with BARF products or are you just looking for some inspiration? We’ll show you what the components of this menu are and how to divide them over a week.
General guidelines on how to compose a BARF menu can be found here.

Your shopping list:

KB BARF – Herring IQF 1 kg
KB BARF - Chicken backs 2 kg
KB BARF - Quail bodies 1 kg
KB BARF – Rabbit backs 3 kg
KB BARF – Chicken liver 1 kg
KB BARF – Duck hearts 1 kg
KB BARF - Minced deer meat 500 g (three times)
KB BARF - Beef rumen 3 kg
KB Extra - Vegetable Nuggets 1 kg

These are all the products you need for this menu, but how do you divide this over the week? We will also give an example of this. We first show it in percentages and then give an example of how you can apply this for the food amount of your dog.
Monday: 50% Herring, 20% Chicken back, 10% Chicken liver, 20% Deer meat
Tuesday: 40% Quail body, 10% Rabbit back, 20% Duck heart, 20% Beef rumen, 10% Vegetable mix
Wednesday: 60% Quail body, 30% Deer meat, 10% Vegetable mix
Thursday: 20% Herring, 30% Duck Heart, 50% Beef Rumen
Friday: 50% Chicken Backs, 15% Chicken Liver, 35% Deer meat
Saturday: 50% Rabbit backs, 10% Chicken liver, 20% Deer meat, 20% Vegetable mix
Sunday: 40% Quail body, 10% Rabbit backs, 20% Duck heart, 30% Vegetable mix
Not sure how much your dog eats per day? Then you can assume the average: 25 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. Does your dog weigh 15 kg? Then he gets 15*25 g = 375 grams per day. Note: This is a guideline, keep a close eye on your dog’s condition and adjust the amount if necessary.
Using this amount as an example, on Monday he would get:
0.50 * 375 = 188 grams of herring
0.20 * 375 = 75 grams of chicken back
0.10 x 375 = 38 grams of chicken liver
0.20 x 375 = 75 grams of deer meat


It is convenient to portion the products, which means that you make portions for each day of the week. To be able to do this, it is useful to let the product thaw slightly in the refrigerator. As soon as you can separate the products from each other, put them in the correct portions in containers and then immediately freeze them again.
Of course a portion does not come down to a few grams, see what amounts are convenient for you!
Do you have questions about composing your menu? Just let us know!