What do we do with our waste?

You may have wondered what happens to the (meat) waste from our production department. Of course it sometimes happens that something falls on the floor in our production department or that we are not satisfied with the quality of a raw material, for example. We cannot simply put it in our normal waste bin because this is considered category 2 waste. Previously, this was therefore always collected by a waste processing company, here it was processed into, for example, biogas or cement. This is a thing of the past since 2020 because we have found a better destination. It is a maggot farm, where maggots are grown for fish food. Normally category 2 waste may not be used as food for insects. However, this maggot farm only breeds insects for fish food and not for human food, so an exception is made.

This gives even our waste a very useful purpose. From now on, the maggot farm will collect all our waste.